Unlock Your Potential and Succeed in Your Career Transition.

Woman leaving old job position

You've been laid off or looking to leave your employer. What's next?

Reconnecting with the job market can be a source of stress, even for seasoned and experienced professionals like you. Choosing the right company is primarily a matter of trust and a feeling of personal commitment from the consultant who will accompany you on this journey. Understanding and respecting each individual's potential is crucial to building a successful partnership. We provide customized support, taking into account your professional background, your experiences, and your personal circumstances. Our consultants are dedicated to guiding and helping you in your job search.

Our outplacement solutions are designed for a smooth and sustainable transition.

Our support goes beyond a simple career assessment. It aims for a holistic and individualized approach through the HAPP method, which incorporates pursuit of well-being as a motivational driver. It's an inspiring method for everyone to evolve positively and fully realize themselves. As the boundary between professional and personal life becomes increasingly blurred, soft skills are just as important as technical competencies for career advancement. However, progression isn't the only goal; the need for self-realization and unlocking one's full potential are equally important.

Our outplacement process includes achievable goals.

We focus on understanding your unique needs and charting a course for your personal journey. Our approach includes identifying your strengths and expertise and exploring opportunities that align with your goals and the targeted market. Our dedicated team assists you in broadening your national and international networks, while also helping you refine your personal image and communication. In this journey of transformation, we consider the possibility of further education and personal development to meet the demands of your desired career path.