Recruiting and Consulting, 100% Industry and IT dedicated.

Introduction to our recruiting and consulting services


Projekts is dedicated to connecting top-tier talent with industry-leading companies worldwide, with a specialized focus on the IT and Industry sectors. Operating in over 20 countries, we deliver unparalleled services that drive success and growth for both candidates and clients. Beyond professional engagements, our commitment extends to positively impacting the lives of our clients, candidates, and employees. At Projekts, we take pride in fostering innovation and creativity by building diverse teams from various backgrounds. We don't just connect talent with companies; we forge partnerships that inspire growth and excellence.


We firmly believe that investing in human capital strengthens businesses and enhances their resilience, fostering lasting relationships built on mutual trust, and delivering value to clients and candidates alike. Our target is to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and rewarding career opportunities, while assisting businesses in finding the perfect candidates, contributing to their success. Drawing on our direct industry experience, we align our services precisely with the needs of our clients, empowering our consultants to be strategic business partners, ensuring a 95% success rate in delivering solutions that make a tangible difference, and empowering the growth of our clients' businesses.


We aspire to create an ecosystem where exceptional talent seamlessly aligns with organizations, driving mutual success. Our vision encompasses a commitment to understanding the evolution of industries across borders, maintaining a global presence, and providing valuable insights into regional dynamics. We aim to be the preferred partner for businesses seeking agile and efficient solutions, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Through our dedication to cutting-edge practices and a personalized approach, we envision shaping the future of talent management, building sustainable connections that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Analysis of Business Requirements

We start by conducting an analysis of the unique recruitment and consulting requirements of each client. This involves a comprehensive understanding of the client's business, expectations, company culture, and specific challenges associated with both talent acquisition and business goals. This critical first step sets the foundation for a tailored and effective strategy that encompasses both recruitment and consulting solutions.

Solutions and Requirements Alignment

Drawing upon internal and external resources, including CV pools, professional networks, local partnerships, and specialized consulting expertise, We align our solutions with the identified needs. Whether it's finding the right candidate for a permanent position or providing customized consulting services, the company ensures a holistic approach that addresses both technical requirements and broader business challenges.

Execution and Implementation

We are actively involved in guiding clients through the execution and implementation of both recruitment and consulting strategies. From the initial interview to the finalization of consulting projects, Projekts ensures a seamless and integrated process. This hands-on approach reflects the company's commitment to providing comprehensive support and expertise throughout the entire engagement.

Goal Tracking and Summary

Transparency is key to success. Keeping our clients informed and providing insights throughout the whole process is the way we work, fostering a transparent and collaborative partnership. We monitor and track the progress, ensuring that recruitment and consulting goals are met. A final summary not only concludes the engagement but also provides valuable feedback and sets the stage for future collaboration in both recruitment and consulting endeavors.


Our process makes executives happy with results