Empower Your Departing Workforce with Personalised Support.

Company Layoffs

Want to ensure a seamless transition for departing employees?

Our outplacement services are specifically designed to facilitate a seamless transition for employees who are departing due to layoffs or are considering leaving the organization. Our dedicated consultants understand the unique potential of each transitioning employee, crafting tailored support that considers their professional backgrounds, experiences, and personal circumstances. Beyond standard advisory roles, we serve as strategic partners, providing personalized guidance to ensure the outplacement process aligns with individual career goals, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for both them and the organization.

How can outplacement benefit your brand image?

Tailored outplacement not only benefits departing employees but also plays a crucial role in preserving and enhancing your brand image as an employer. By offering personalized support and resources to those leaving the organization, you demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of your workforce. This, in turn, helps maintain a positive employer brand, showcasing your organization as one that values its employees even during challenging times.

Our outplacement approach sets achievable goals.

Our service involves identifying the unique needs of your departing employees and gaining insights into their individual journeys, goals, and the targeted job market. We work on highlighting their areas of expertise and exploring relevant opportunities, both nationally and internationally, with the dedicated support of our team. Our approach includes repositioning employees, guiding them in their personal image and communication. Moreover, we consider options for personal development to align with the requirements for career redirection. Through this process, we aim to ensure a smooth and successful transition for both your departing employees and your organization as a whole.