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Personal coach helping improve performance

What is the HAPP method?

“Holistic Approach to Personal Performance" is an innovative method for performance enhancement. By incorporating findings from neuroscience, the HAPP method delves deeper into understanding the brain's mechanisms related to learning, emotional regulation, and decision-making, enhancing the effectiveness of personal and professional development. It acknowledges the complexity of modern life and the need for holistic growth. Through personalized guidance, self-discovery rooted in neuroscience, and the cultivation of essential skills, it empowers individuals to reach their full potential, lead fulfilling lives, and excel in their careers.

What are the key principles of the HAPP method?

Holistic Perspective takes into account all aspects of an individual's life, understanding that improvement in one area can positively impact the other. Self-discovery through exercises and reflections, enables gaining a deeper understanding of emotions, motivations, and reactions, improving decision-making and relationships. With Personalized Development and guidance to each person's specific needs and circumstances, clear goals are set. Overcoming limiting beliefs empowers individuals to break mental barriers, reframe their thinking, boost self-confidence, and foster a growth mindset.

What can HAPP Coaching do for me?

HAPP coaching will have a transformative impact on your personal and professional life. It equips you with the essential skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world, supports your career growth through personalized guidance, challenges you to reach your potential, fosters self-awareness, clarifies your goals and values, and empowers you to break free from limiting patterns. The holistic approach of HAPP coaching recognizes the interconnectedness of personal and professional life, allowing you to follow your unique path to personal development and success as a leader in today's dynamic environment.

What HAPP Coaching programes are available?

HAPP Elementary Coaching: 1 to 3 months
HAPP Future Coaching: 3 to 6 months
HAPP Executive Coaching: 3 to 9 months