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Professional transition has proven its success with more than 95% because of the national and international ecosystem.
The change and the unstable situations cause stress for the employee and the company in case of resign, dismissal or restructuring which requires flexibility.
This adaptability requires specific skills to support collaboration in order to maintain and maximize the win-win relationship in this transition process.

It is important for the company to answer the employees need to:
– maintain an employee image
– continue to build loyalty among its teams
– maintain the social environment.

The needs of an individual are naturally linked and will impact all aspects of their lives.
Our approach will allow us through our different interviews to understand and identify the “key” needs of the employee in order to help him in achieving his life goals.

How does an outplacement service work?
From strategy to action in 4 steps with a concrete action plan.
Step 1: Reflection on the personal and professional aspects
– identification of expectations
– potentiation of available resources
– highlighting its role and level of autonomy
– background work on professional skills and aptitudes
– Production of management diagnosis.

Step 2: The professional project in relation with personal aspirations.

The professional project is defined as well as its feasibility according to the employability of the candidate (matching skills with job requirements / target region and time evaluation for an effective repositioning).

At this stage, an assessment is made to take the best option (employee, creation, or takeover of a company.
Is a training project necessary?
The consultant then plays a key role in helping him to break his limiting beliefs and to develop his network.

Step 3: From deep reflexion to action
During this implementation phase, the candidate will have different options:
– The implementation of an action plan and debriefing (analysis of employer targets, key contacts, optimization of social and personal networks.
– face-to-face interviews with recruitment consultants with direct approach, where job opportunities and positions are analysed for the greatest consistency and adequacy to the market and to get ready for the interview’s exercises.
– advice for setting up a business (marketing study, business plan, financial plan).

Step 4: Towards the realization of the professional project.

Taking a new position, choosing a new position means making decisions.
We provide help in negotiating the employment’s contract, taking charge of new functions through personalized monitoring. In the context of setting up or taking over a business, we provide assistance with trading strategy, legal options, business evaluation, personal financial risks.

What is required during an outplacement?
Everyone wants to be fulfilled in all aspects of their life and how to be better in meeting their physiological and psychological needs in order to achieve their fulfilment.
We contribute everyday by making outplacement a force for the company and the employee to have a win-win relationship.
We allow him:
– To identify his needs, to recognize his parameters, to overcome his fears, to have a better knowledge of the body mechanism to identify the different levels of stress.
-To transform the fear of change into a positive transition force for the employee.
– To anticipate and prevent the needs of the employee to achieve the needs of operation and growth of the company.
– To appreciate the employee’s life stages by allowing him to find a way of balance through the neurosciences and the better lifestyle.

The different formulas
-Outplacement restart from 3 to 4 months
-Outplacement rebound from 4 to 6 months -Outplacement rebound + 6 to 12 months
-Executive manager outplacement from 4 to 18 months

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