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Candidate Outplacement

The adapted location to your unique journey
Unleash your potential and succeed in your professional transition with a 95% chance!
You are either dismissed or you want to leave your current employer… and what about now?
Reconnecting to the world of searching a job is stressful even for the seasoned and experienced professional that you are.
The companies and services offered are extremely varied and are also a source of anxiety.
Choosing a firm which is highly trusted and committed to be your consultant that will support your mission.

Understanding and respecting each potential is essential for us to start a good collaboration. We personalize the support we provide while taking into consideration your professional background, your experience and your personal situation.
Our company is the reflection of our consultants,who are committed to supporting you, helping you and enlightening you in your research.
Our outplacement solutions are designed for a smooth transition that is sustainable.
Our support goes beyond a simple career assessment.
It tends to a global and individualized vision via the HAPP method which includes neuroscience as a performance lever and naturopathy as a motivation lever.
It is an inspiring method for everyone to evolve positively to achieve their full potential.

With a gradual erasure between professional and personal life, soft skills are as important as technical skills to progress in your career. But advancement is not the only end – the need to fulfill yourself and to unleash your full potential is just as important.

PROJEKTS specific missions:

– Identification of needs / global vision of the different “spheres” of your life and their interactions
– Quickly understand your target market
– Identify and enhance an area of expertise
– Become relevant and impactful in your research
– Benefit from the expertise of the team and open its national and international networks
– Master your image, your communication
– Reposition quickly
– Consider training
– Respond to a reorientation obligation
– Analyze a personal takeover or business creation project
– Benefit from professional support and build a realistic and achievable project.

Testimony of Michel C

How did you find outplacement?
As part of the negotiation of a conventional rupture process, the HRD offered me personalized support and it was a friend who recommended your cabinet to me for his knowledge of my sector of activity and your international orientation. I had a very good first contact and I immediately understood the advantages of the method and its implications in my personal and professional repositioning.

Did you had limits before making this choice and why?
It is difficult to decide because there are many different firms and all of them have beautiful speeches but discussing them around me I understood that I could not expect everything. I chose Projekts because I immediately felt I could work with them with confidence. I liked the effectiveness of the method and the professionalism of their consultants.

What do you remember from this experience?
I put everything flat in my professional project and especially in connection with my personal aspirations. After a real checkup, I learned to balance my private and professional life and this allowed me to better face the challenges that I set to myself. I rediscovered the pleasure of setting myself new challenges with a CV and an image that suit me better. Very naturally I started to get interviews and I quickly rebounded into a new position. It’s a very stimulating and rewarding experience.

What advice can you give to someone who chooses an outplacement service?

Personal development at the heart of the process is a real plus! You have to take the time to recover from a job loss and be able to ask yourself the right questions. Choose your coach well by his experiences and what his network can bring to you. Escape from the dream sellers and join a team very invested in your success; I rebounded, and I found a job that meets my expectations and aspirations and I am performing better than before! I have reached a professional milestone.

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